denise papas meechan, p.g.a

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pilots :: tv series

[ Sex Dreams of Jon Stewart ]  Comedy
Quarter Finalist ][ Screencraft Comedy Contest   2014 ]
[ Logline: ] Jon Stewart is a deity that appears to those at a crossroads and guides them through sex dreams as to which path they should take.         

[ H.O.V.E [ Hawai'ian Ocean View Estates ] ] Dark Comedy
co-written with Mary Ann Koenig
[ Logline: ] The world's worst assassin, Teddy Pendergast is sent to the barren lava-field town of HOVE, Hawai'i to kill his mark. He's searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack- almost everyone in HOVE is in the Witness Protection Program. Teddy begins, one by one, to kill the Wit Pro's who fit his characteristics list, and in the process inadvertently starts an international mob war.

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[ Skin ]  Horror
[ Bronze Award ][ Hollywood Screenplay Contest   2011 ]
[ Logline: ]  Ten contestants are sequestered on a “Survivor”-type reality show when one mutates into a monstrous enraged serial killer!

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[ Tune In, Turn On, Drop Dead ] Comedy
​co-written with Mary Ann Koening
Quarter Finalist ][ Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship  2016 ]
[ Logline: ] Sex, Drugs and Your Grandparents. A group of elderly  friends run into trouble with two rival drugs gangs when they get together to finally take LSD, on the youngest member of the group’s 75th birthday.

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[ Return to Shandaken ] Dark Indie Comedy
[ Logline: ] It’s about Love, Fly-fishing and Death. After discovering his best friend, Jigs is terminally ill, middle-aged hippy Phil takes off on a trip cross-country with the hopes of uniting him and his cyber-girlfriend.     

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